We as water sports enthusiasts are connected to our environment on a daily basis. No matter where we are located on this planet. The privilege to see the world from the view of a windsurfer is something very special and comes with responsibility. Clear water, fresh air and clean beaches are the essence of our beloved passion and need to be protected. Together, as a community of windsurfers, we want to contribute our part of support. That is part of our mission.

1. Fair Trade in Europe 

Since the Spread The Jibe Drop, we are producing our clothing in Serbia and Portugal. The Global Tactic guys helped us big times and taught us, what sustainable clothing means. Fair wages, controlled and safe working conditions and shorter supply chains. These ecological and ethical reasons make for a better future and that we are now a part of.

- Website Global tactics 


2. A Plastic-Free Future

Apart a sustainable production of our clothing, the packaging is key, when it comes to supporting our environment. As packaging in fashion businesses consists of 99% disposable plastic, we want to do it not just different, but better.

Our suppliers deliver their clothing to us wrapped in biodegradable sacks made from potato starch. From our shipping center (Christophers living room), they will then be send without any plastic and with DHL Go Green certificate to your home.

But plastic free packaging is not all we strive for. With our brand new Jibe in Clean Oceans program, we clean up the oceans together with our growing community. You can donate a self selected amount at our check out that you want to contribute to our program. We then will double up your chosen amount of money and send the money to the guys from PlasticBank. From time to time we will present you the successes of the Jibe in Clean Oceans program on our social media channels and in our JIBE Mag.

Did you know that 1€ of donations equals 2,3Kg of less plastic in our oceans? In other words: up to 115 0,5L plastic water bottles.

More information about PlasticBank:

 Did you know that 1€ of donations equals 2,3Kg of less plastic in our oceans? In other words: up to 115 0,5L plastic water bottles.

PlasticBank Website: Plastic Bank


3. CO2 Neutral 

To neutralize CO2 emissions, wich emerge during production and transport, we plant mangrove trees with our partners from on the Fidschi Islands. Like this we avoid to put an extra burden to our climate and guarantee our customers a clean conscience while shopping for new clothing.

We as a small company may not play a big role in climate change, but for sure we see us as role models for the future generations.

4. Customers First

All our plans are directly connected to the people that support us. For this reason and because humanity should be self-evident, our customers are by far our number one priority. From personal, handmade packaging, to personal advice on fitting and solving your questions/issues, we are always there for you.

If you have any kind of question or feedback, please send us a mail to

If you have urgent questions or feedback, feel free to call us  +4915168809182.