Jibe Wear Team

We have a vision.

We together want to create a community around windsurfing, live our lifestyle and inspire other people, as well as ourselves, by doing so. Therefore it´s necessary, to let as many people as possible know about our vision and plans. We want to share the insanely epic feelings our sport offers to a bigger audience. This then may help to make windsurfing a little greater again! With a constantly growing team of professionals, athletes, influencers, our community and anyone else involved, we are working on pursuing our dream. Everyone in his or her own wonderful, individual way, but with one goal in common: to show the beauty of our sport.

In the following, you'll see more and more members of the Jibe Wear Team. They'll get announced one after another. Stay tuned!

Im folgenden werden nach und nach Mitglieder des Jibe Wear Teams vorgestellt. Seid gespannt!

Gunnar Asmussen

GER - 2

Legend of the DWC, IFCA vice-world champion.

Mario Kümpel

GER - 69

competitive windsurfer, co-founder of Jibe Wear and YouTuber

Lars Paustian

GER - 5

Lars Paustian is U21 slalom and foil-racing champion

Julien Pockrandt

GER - 18

4th in the German Windsurf Cup, future foiling elite, musician: J-pag.

Felix Volkhardt

GER - 131

Long hair, always smiling and a talent for crazy freestyle maneuvers!

Michele Becker

GER - 277

Slalom and foil-racing newcomer number one in Germany!

Niclas Nebelung

GER - 584

German Freestyle Champion 2018. Perfection and aesthetics.