Jibe Wear?

Just another fashion brand, even though there are more than enough existing? Nowhere close!

We have a vision. We do not simply produce cool clothing, we represent our sport. We represent windsurfing.

Since quite some time, you can notice a downwards trend - no matter whether its sales of windsurf boards and sails, or the number of people who're actively windsurfing. Not without a reason. Windsurfing has lost its connection to the daily, the non-windsurf life. It´s almost not existing anymore in the mainstreams mind. And jeah, sure, surfing, snowboarding and kitesurfing are cool, but aren´t we as well? Don´t we have our own unique personality? We think so and we will bring it back to life. To ones everyday life.

It´s the beauty of our sport that literally forces us to spend hours and hours on the water. That very feeling created by freedom, beauty and action, is what a part of our lifes is dedicated to. But why can´t we bring some of that feeling to work, to the places we meet friends, to a restaurant where we enjoy our favorite food? We´re making exactly that possible. For a non-windsurfing related person, our designs might just be another couple of cool pieces. But a windsurfer will know what it´s all about.

And maybe some day, someone will ask that windsurfer, if the logo on the shirts he is wearing has a meaning. Thats when they´ll get to know our sport. Thats when our mission found success.


Outside of Jibe Wear, Mario is known from YouTube as SURFERZYZZ. He uses his knowledge to let his creative ideas become reality and manage our online marketing.


In Jibe Wear, Christopher is the man of numbers and paragraphs. He also got fabulous talent to ship packages and work in WebDesign.


Anton is the "guy to go" when it comes to design. He's the one that's funnelling crazy ideas into finished designs.