Our Journey

Three windsurfers with nothing better to do than founding a fashion label. For windsurfers. Sounds weird and it is indeed pretty weird.

At least the story behind it is quite normal…sometimes…

In early 2018, Mario aka Surferzyzz made some big steps with his YouTube Channel. Inspired by messages from his community he got the idea to sell his own merchandise. Quickly he realized, that first of all merchandise looks cheap most of the time and then, wich is much more important, that there is no actual fashion label designated to windsurfing anymore. So the idea was born: no merchandise, a label by windsurfers, for windsurfers it has to be.

Sounds pretty much like Jibe Wear, right? Not just yet! Originally the label had the name „Windsurfers Choice“. Well…we are all very happy about the fact, that this „very creative“ name was discarded.

After some research, some first self-made designs (very bad) and a provisionally business plan, Mario realized that founding a label, completely on your own, is basically impossible. At least when you want to do it in a sustainable way, without burnout before 30.

So Mario took his iPhone and went through all his contacts to find a person with the following attributes: experienced as a windsurfers, knowledge and passion for accounting and logistics and a big affinity for risk. Well, there was only one person that combined it all: his childhood friend Christopher. Christopher got a weird voice message from Mario and basically was right into it.

Less than two weeks later, Christopher drove to north Germany, to start working on that all new project. Everything seemed to work out perfectly fine and both Mario and Christopher were pretty certain that „Windsurfers Choice“ will be the biggest success ever.

Another two months later, they realized the truth. „Windsurfers Choice“ sounds like shit and they had no clue of anything whatsoever. They also realized that cool designs don’t just fall off the sky. Mario again was pretty lucky and remembered a message from a guy called Anton, who wanted to help him with designing merchandise at the beginning.

Anton basically got the same weird message that Christopher got in the beginning and he made the same weird decision. He became a part of Jibe Wear and from that point on took care of all the design work. The team was completed.

By the way, Anton was the guy that told Mario and Christopher that „Windsurfers Choice“ sounds like garbage. The exact words he used were „Windsurfers Choice sounds pretty cheap“. That hurt.

A little later Mario finally got the idea to call the label Jibe Wear. Everyone agreed, even Anton, who is a very straight forward and honest person.

From this point on everything went pretty fast - the design mastermind Anton created out logo, Christopher took care of things no one understands and Mario put all the pieces together to create a common vision. A label by windsurfers, for everyone, that wants to wear the lifestyle we live. Like that, windsurfing was supposed to find its way back into everyones everyday life.

Now it was time to actually make and sell first pieces of clothing. After first contacts to fashion manufacturers, lots of downers and highs, our first collection arrived 3 months late in our hometown Leipzig. Not perfect, but so good, that Anton, Christopher and Mario couldn’t believe what they have created. (now we will change the narrator perspective)

When we officially celebrated our first collection release, it was finally done. Jibe Wear was born. An idea came to life. Plenty of orders came and when we got our first feedback and pictures of people wearing our stuff, we couldn’t believe it. What an amazing project to be part of.

The year 2020 then was, as we all know, quite turbulent. But we still got our success, after many more hours of frustration, happiness and work. Our second collection came to life and will lift Jibe Wear on the next level. The Spread The Jibe Drop is out now.

This story will be updated yearly as we progress. If you always want to be up to date, feel free to follow us on Instagram @jibe.wear.